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About Us

Our Goal is to help you succeed, ​by providing
services in a timely cost effective manner.

If Success is your organization's priority, you have many goals, Growth, Profitability, Efficiency, Staffing, Customer care. It is also likely that the daily distractions of the financial and system issues reduce your ability to reach those goals.

Timberhill Associates is a Financial Management and Business Consulting firm that enables you to focus your time on the critical business function’s that determines your success. We provide the focused financial and system expertise that help you manage your financial operations and systems letting you focus on the business.

Established in 2002 to provide small business and non-profits with high level Financial Management expertise in a cost effective manner. We work with you to determine what services and functions you need assistance with, then we develop a plan to help you achieve those goals in a manner that works for your organization.

Our Consultants' experience is in running the Financial and Information systems of companies and non-profits, not in auditing the books or preparing tax returns. Our staff has years of direct experience managing the day to day and strategic operations. We understand the issues.