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QuickBooks Services
Timberhill Associates provides users of QuickBooks with a full range of support.

Information Technology Services

​No company or organization can compete in today’s environment without effective Information systems. Timberhill Associates can help you develop and maintain the information systems that are critical to your business success.

Our approach to system consulting is different than many providers in that we are not hardware or software vendors, our only concern is to help our client. We do not believe you can sell a product line and be truly impartial that the solution is the best fit for the client.

Today’s technology choices can be mind-boggling; don’t get confused by advertising claims. We sort out the information and deliver the facts to you, based on your needs.

Timberhill Associates works with the technical people to design and implement the systems that meet your needs. Our experience with information systems over the years has given us a broad range of knowledge about systems, user training, and implementation.

System Consulting